Sunday, January 1, 2017

Roseburg-Sutherlin Christmas Bird Count--Dec 17, 2016

We were fortunate to have a beautiful, though somewhat cold, day for the 43rd consecutive Roseburg-Sutherlin Christmas Bird Count (CBC). It started out just under freezing in most places and reached a maximum of about 40 F. The sun even peaked out a few times during the day. We had 11 teams this year comprised of 24 birders (fewer than usual) covering 14 areas; in addition we had 4 feeder counters. We counted a total of 27,346 birds (over 1/3 American Robins), comprising 105 species (Average 110, max 120). A google map of the count circle and team areas is here. Click on the following links to see bird species found on the count, sorted by taxonomy, total number of each species, or number of team areas in which each species was found. For additional information, see the Umpqua Birds CBC page. Thank-you to Jeannie Pollock for the data entry!

Three owl teams had a tough time finding much beyond 5 GREAT HORNED OWLs, but Keith Phifer came up with the count's only WESTERN-SCREECH-OWL. The Roseburg-Sutherlin CBC once held the national record for Western Screech-Owls with an amazing 55 (yes, fifty-five) detected during the 1992 CBC! No Barn Owls were found, and the count is still waiting for its first Barred Owl!

A single "count first"--1 male TRICOLORED BLACKBIRD--was detected at Chevy's Pond (next to Fords Pond) by Keith Phifer. The bird had been located there a couple weeks earlier by local resident Jim Houseman and apparently it stuck around!

Other rare birds found during the count included an immature male LONG-TAILED DUCK (3rd time), an AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN (4th time), and an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER (13th time), all at Umpqua Sand & Gravel by Matt Hunter and Stacy Burleigh. In addition, a total of 12 SNOW GEESE (8th time) were found in two different locations (Barb Taylor, Beth Brown, Peggy Gilbertson, Matt Hunter, Stacy Burleigh), and a SWAMP SPARROW was found by Keith Phifer at Fords Pond.

Record highs for this count included 12 SNOW GOOSE, 4 EURASIAN WIGEON, 47 CANVASBACK, 313 RUDDY DUCK, and 11 RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS.

Low numbers for the count (new or tied records) included 1 CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE, 1 WESTERN SCREECH-OWL, and 4 PACIFIC WRENS.

Species missed that have been detected on over 30 of 43 years for the count included RING-NECKED PHEASANT (39 yrs), VARIED THRUSH (36 yrs), SPOTTED SANDPIPER (36 yrs) and HAIRY WOODPECKER (34 yrs).

After counting birds all day, we again enjoyed warm soup, chili, bread, salad and treats at the Douglas County Library, shared stories and enjoyed seeing friends. I hope you'll join us next CBC season!

Following are some photos from the day (all photos by Matt Hunter).

Three Snow Geese near Kruse Farms (2 imm and 1 adult)

Long-tailed Duck (immature male) at Umpqua Sand & Gravel

Cedar Waxwings on ridge above North Umpqua River

Western Bluebird and Cedar Waxwing on ridge above North Umpqua River
American White Pelican at Umpqua Sand & Gravel

"Gray-headed" Orange-crowned Warbler at Umpqua Sand & Gravel

Peregrine Falcon (adult male) at Umpqua Sand & Gravel

Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Umpqua Sand & Gravel

American Kestrel (male)

Black-crowned Night-Heron (immature near South Umpqua River)


  1. Thank you .... Jeannie for tallying and Matt for organizing ... and whoever else I should be thanking!

  2. I second the Thank you to Jeannie and Matt! I loved the Day!